A Guide To Online Gambling In New Zealand

Gambling has been ingrained into the lives of New Zealand citizens for centuries now. Today, at least $2 billion is spent on online gambling activities by Kiwis annually making it part and parcel of the local culture and a great way to while away time. Onlinecasino-Newzealand has experienced different periods of strict regulation, but we are happy to report that today, Kiwis can take part in different types of gambling freely and without fear of reprisal under the regulation of the Department of Internal Affairs. These types include slots machine gambling, lottery gambling, horse gambling and gambling at web casinos outside New Zealand's shores. Herein is the history, and current state of legal gambling in New Zealand plus a few tips for Kiwi players.

Legal Casino Play In New Zealand

With quite a lot of activity in relation to iGaming taking place in neighbouring Australia, Most Kiwis are certainly worried about a number of issues, more so in regard to their iGaming activities in their mother country. Indeed, most may be asking whether is legal to engage in online casino activities, or they could be breaking some laws. Lets put some things to perspective here. As a player, there aren’t any laws you are breaking by spinning reels of your favourite slot at a casino. In the same regard, there are no laws that probably would incriminate your iGaming activities. With that now well explained, let's explore rules governing iGaming here. Be sure to read more info by clicking https://www.brooklynhotelsuites.com/.

  • iGaming is perfectly legal in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand has no laws for setting up online-based casinos locally.

You may need to note that all iGaming laws here are regulated by the Gambling Act of 2003. Notably, these laws do not cover the possibility of having Kiwis setting up their own casinos within NZ. This would simply be interpreted to indicate that playing online casino games at offshore online casinos isn’t a crime. However, setting up an online casino within NZ is highly prohibited. In a nutshell, setting up an online casino in NZ would put you in the wrong books of the law. For this reason, there are hundreds of casinos pitching on the internet for Kiwi players. Indeed, New Zealand remains a highly targeted iGaming market by a number of international online casino operators.

It, therefore, goes without saying that Kiwis have several advantages and disadvantages as well in regard to the lack of homegrown online casinos. Some of the merits could include lack of high taxation on their winnings one get. For instance, the Kiwi authorities do not tax anything on your winnings, unlike most other jurisdictions around the world. This simply means that if lady luck fell on your side and hit a jackpot of $10k, it would be sent to your bank account as a full amount with no deductions at all. On the flip side, with a lack of locally developed casinos that can be regulated by the government, players could sometimes be exposed to rogue casinos as well.


Settling for a proper Online casino - NZ

Since there are absolutely no local online casinos in NZ, Kiwis certainly have to make smart decisions when looking for an online casino that suits their iGaming interests. Indeed, there are over hundreds of casinos that welcome residents here. Some have gone ahead and come up with some bonuses especially for Kiwis. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keenly check the casinos we opt for. The first step towards establishing if a casino is worthwhile is by checking the casino’s licensing information. Some of the most reputable licensing authorities you can find include the Malta Gaming Authority, The United Kingdom Gaming Authority and the Swedish Gambling Commission. There are certainly many other reputable ones too.

You, therefore, should always confirm that the casino features a license from a reputable body. Additionally, be sure to countercheck the license number given on provided databases on the internet. Another thing you could look out for perhaps is the number of bonuses and promotions a casino offers. As earlier mentioned, there are lots of bonuses casinos offer players, more so if you are a Kiwi. You perhaps could take advantage of this. Remember that you can always wager the bonuses and win real cash. More Online casino laws could be introduced by the authorities moving forward. For now, Kiwis can only enjoy the bliss while it lasts and hope that any introduced laws will also be friendly.